Tosin Phebean Oluwadare

First in her family to pursue a professional career in music, Oluwatosin Phebean Oluwadare (otherwise known as Tosyne or Phebean) claims her discovery of her talent and passion was self-made and stemmed out what she terms her “exploring nature”.

She started first as an alto singer in her teenage years while at the same time playing the recorder. At 18, she decided to move over to the saxophone as she believed it held greater promise of synergy and expression for her (especially with her alto singing background). She got her first lesson on the soprano saxophone in May 2006 under Seun Busuyi. As she developed, she got introduced to the music of renowned saxophonist such as Kenny G, Kunle Ajayi, and the great maestro Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. For her, being a female saxophonist holds a lot of challenges as well as fun and inspiring moments as it still is predominantly a male-dominated field. However, born after three boys, she has no worries fitting in!

She has featured in various concerts including the World Music Day 2008, Lagos State House Thanksgiving 2009 and 2010, Excel 2008 At TBS, Lagos Heritage Festival and so on. She also had an international debut at the recently concluded Nigeria at 50 celebrations in Beijing, China, where she performed with the MUSON Diploma School Choir. Based on her training and foundation in classical music (she has Grade 8 Practical certificate in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London Examination ) as well as her feel for contemporary music, she has performed and adapted saxophone concertos various orchestras, quartets and bands such as the: DKO orchestra, Hope string quartet, the Steve Rhodes orchestra and OPE female.

Phebean’s goal is to make history through majoring in a blend of gospel, contemporary and African music at large.


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