Phillip Uzo

With over a decade of professional guitar playing, Philip Uzo, has become quite a guitar virtuoso in his own right. He started playing the keyboard casually in the mid/late 90’s after watching his younger cousin play at his father’s church. Notwithstanding, he did not take music too seriously, as he was bent on being a nuclear physicist. What led to a change in his resolve? His exposure to a clip of Bob Marley on stage some years later. This exposure inspired him to dive head, shoulders and feet into music. With a firm grasp on his new found passion and a desire to pursue it, he first started with the alto recorder, moved over to the trumpet before falling in love with the guitar “at first sound”. In his own words, “I heard the sound of the guitar, it appealed to my soul and we immediately connected”. He sees this connection as a sort of “divine intervention/calling”.

His formal path to mastery of the guitar started in a music school organised by his local church, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) and has meandered through various experiences/encounters. These have led him to broaden his horizons and play with almost every notable artiste in Nigeria and beyond. These include: Tee Mac, Lagbaja, Yinka Davies, Ara, Mike Aremu, Ayetoro, Bary Hayes (UK), Judith Sephuma (South Africa), Elaine Harrison, Karen Patterson (United States of America) to mention but a few. He has also appeared on many stages nationally and internationally, such as the Lagos Jazz International Festival, Side with Courtney Pine 2008, Copaccabana 2007, Drummers Collective Nigeria 2007, Jazz Minds 2005, Nigeria Games Village, South Africa World Cup 2010, Lagos Jazz Series2010 and many more!

He currently is completing his music diploma studies at the Musical Society of Nigeria diploma programme.


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