Ibukun Kafaru

Ibukun Kafaru started playing the piano at the age of 8 on Grailland, under the tutelage of David Nwamara and Mrs Biola Aluko. As the years unfurled, his musical journey led him through various tutors from within and outside Nigeria until a twelve year interruption ensued at the age of thirteen. Notwithstanding, his musical pursuit was undampened as he continued learning to play and perform compositions of the various classical greats through self tutoring and the positive influence of friends. He also enrolled for a degree in Chemical Engineering at the Ladoke Akintola University during this time …though he found himself playing around with choirs in his spare time.

In 2002, his first musical composition, Beauty of the Peoples (a vocal duet accompanied by piano) was performed at a concert/album lunch at the MUSON Centre, Lagos by Tayo Akindele (now Dr. Tayo Akindele) and Nosa Osayamwen (DJINEE). Beauty of the Peoples received a standing ovation for its simplicity and permeating effect.

In 2005, he met Harry Ibifiebo, his first organ teacher, and for four months took 2 hour classes thrice a week. Following this, he moved on to his second organ teacher, Mr. Leye who he met at Lokoja in 2004. Under his tutelage, he was drilled for 6 months, which led to an expansion of his mind and technique/skills to encompass new horizons. This was his breaking point into independence.

Today, he plays the organ during Hours of Worship on Grailland alongside Prof. Ngozi Chinwah and does a lot of piano accompaniment voluntarily for anyone who is interested in solo performances.


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