Season’s Greetings

We would like to thank those of you who have elected to attend (or are considering attending) the maiden edition of Christmas Magic!. With this decision, you have chosen to join the new generation of progressive thinkers where Art moves beyond the confines of pure entertainment into the realm of community development. The realm where we as individuals can initiate greater good with what we have either great or small.

Above being an out-right evening of fun and entertainment, which it promises to be, it also is an evening that begins a development project in one community. A community selected from a pool of communities suggested by friends, fans and development oriented people. You can lend your voice to/elect a community by dropping a note on the Christmas Magic Page or mailing us (via ). Beyond this, by your presence at the event, you also aid in the final selection of the winning community through your in-house vote during the event. Therefore, you can be sure, as you leave that night, you would leave knowing you have put a smile on some people’s faces by just being there.

 Christmas magic e-flier

For those of you who have made enquiries about the ticket sales, the tickets would be out this weekend (N 5,000 Regular). If you would let us know your day location, we could advise you as to the best pick up point. For group purchases of ten tickets (regular), a bonus eleventh ticket (VIP) is given.

This event relies a lot on community organisation… how we can use what we have to contribute to the improvement of society. Thus, the development funds are raised via ticket sales and information is spread via our personal network of family and friends. So, even as we look forward to your presence, we entreat that you invite as many of your like-minded friends as you can. Please spread the word and help make this Christmas a really special one for someone out there.

Thank you so much. We look forward to receiving your feedback and meeting with you soon.

Warmest wishes,

Team Co-ordinator,

ArtColony Int’l

Experience the Magic of Christmas … 23rd December 2010…


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