Christmas Magic…?

Christmas Magic….Christmas Magic… Christmas Magic?

What really is Christmas Magic? Christmas Magic! is a wonderful experience of the spirit of Christmas (beauty, joy and giving) as well as music. When we say music…we are not talking of just hip hop, reggae, classical or jazz … but a refreshing blend of a wide variety of genres from one end of the spectrum to the other. Beyond being a sit and enjoy concert…it is also… a C-O-N-T-E-S-T. That’s right, a contest; but not a contest like every other. Not a contest of wills, or of strength, neither is it a contest of pride or riches…it is a contest of love.

Anyone of you ever wondered how you could do more with the little you have? How you could make/initiate a change like all the great people you ever learned of? That is what this is about. 5 absolutely excellent new generation artistes have come together to initiate community development through their knack for music and entertainment. Each representing 5 different communities (in which they have no personal stake whatsoever), they perform to win a gift for their elected community and not themselves. Why? Who are these artistes and what are these communities?

A collection of music-loving and development focused people have elected, this Christmas, to support development by attending a concert with the aim of initiating community development through entertainment. Beyond the recreational aspects – getting top-notch entertainment and interacting/networking with like minded folks – they also get to lend their voices to the choice of communities and the final vote of the winning community. Who are these people? And Why?

Find out Thursday 23rd December at the MUSON Centerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (limited tickets available)

Christmas Magic E-Flier


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